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Is there a pragmatic reason for using this website?
Receiving a card in the mail for a birthday, graduation, baptism, birth, get well or sympathy message, is certainly a welcome expression from a friend or family member. Today’s life style, however, is allowing less and less time for it.  Considering the cost of the card and postage, It is quite clear there is a more practical way that money could be spent.

Is this website really better than using a  commercial E-card? 
This website allows for a sincere Donation Greeting email to be communicated without cost, commercial banners, talking cats or animated flowers. It focuses on the sincerity and purpose of the donation instead of the cuteness of the delivery.

Does this website recommend any specific charities?
There are a few charities which are felt to be particularly worthy of consideration as they have expressed the desire and ability to promote Christian stewardship (see Noteworthy Charities).

How is using this website better than sending a gift card?
It’s not if the person has no interest in Christian Stewardship.  It will, however, alert that person that you feel it is “better to give than to receive”… and who knows the impact of the ripple which that signal may give.

Why should a donation to a charity be considered as a “gift” to someone?
Because it is a real example of Christian stewardship.  A donation to a charity reflects something important in that person’s life and reinforces the value of being good stewards, rather than accumulating material gifts.

What is the “typical” donation made for a Donation Greeting Message?
The minimum, and typical amount donated is $10.  This amount, regardless of the charity it is donated to, will accomplish infinity more Christian stewardship than the nearly $5 which would have been spent on a greeting card and postage.

Is this website affiliated with any specific religious or charitable organization?
No.  This website simply provides a means for a person to reflect Christian Stewardship in a completely non-denominational manner.

What is the benefit of using this website rather than simply donating to a charity?
First, it provides the means to chose among the tens of thousands of charities which might be best suited to accomplish the stewardship that is desired.  It does this through Charity Navigator’s extensive database of rated and unrated charities.
Second, it provides an expedient means to make a donation, either directly through Charity Navigator’s secure payment processor, or by offering a direct link to each rated charity’s website so that you can give directly.
Third, not only does this website provide the means to express gratitude for the blessings that have been received, but it enables the easy expression congratulations, best wishes, appreciation, sympathy or thanks to someone in a meaningful way.

Any practical benefits to using this website?
Absolutely.  How often is there a last minute need to acknowledge a holiday or life event for someone?  Or when an impersonal gift or greeting card is not going to be appropriate, or when you have no idea what to give, nor have the time or ability to shop for it?
This website can provide an instantaneous, thoughtful Donation Greeting message, but far beyond that of a simple email.  A donation to a meaningful charity clearly shows that you care… and it is practical!

What is and how does this website promote Christian Stewardship?
Christian Stewardship is truly all about gratitude…  gratitude for the blessings received.  One of the practical ways of expressing that gratitude is through giving to a charity which reflects what you feel is important in life.

How do charity donations reflect Christian Stewardship?
Charity donations tend to be the key area referred to when speaking of stewardship. The main reason is that often money is one of the most difficult things for people to give.  When recognizing that a person comes into the world with nothing and leaves with nothing, possessions are looked at as merely being “on loan.” This demonstrates that posture of being a “steward” rather than a “possessor”.

What are we stewards over?
The definition of stewardship includes the conducting, supervising, or managing of something entrusted to one’s care. We have been entrusted with everything we have been given.  Time, money, influence and abilities. Understanding what stewardship is and how it applies will change the way decisions are made each day. Not only can it change lives, but also the world around us.

Is there a benefit to donating through Charity Navigator’s payment processor rather than donating directly?
Actually yes.  All charities incur on-line payment processor fees. Most exceed the 4.75% fee that is incurred through Charity Navigator’s processor.

Why is this website a better way to provide a recipient’s donation notification than a charity’s on-line system?
A charity’s on-line system requires that you enter considerable information about the recipient in order to mail them a donation validation. This receipt can not only take many days to be received, but causes the charity to expend substantial postage and processing costs.
This website requires only the recipient’s first name.  The completed Donation Greeting  is emailed to the donor for review and forwarding to the recipient.  Most importantly, it provides an instantaneous, no-cost, discrete way to notify the recipient of the donor’s thoughtfulness.  Also unique to this website, is that it provides the ability to include a very personalized message.

What is the Biblical influence on Christian Stewardship?
There are lots of Biblical stewardship verses that show us how we should act, of note is the Parable of the Talents since it gives such a great illustration of what a good steward does. Put simply, the good stewards were the ones who took action in order to multiply what they had been given.

How many reasons could there be to send a donation gift greeting?
You might be surprised to know there are over 50 Life Events and Holidays opportunities to acknowledge someone with  a Donation Greeting and express your Christian Stewardship!

What is stopping me from sending a Stewardship Notification without actually making a donation?
Only your conscious. No information about your donation or your recipient is obtained through our email process.

How is my privacy protected?
The ChristianStewardship.US process is simply an email exchange. Your donation is done either directly with your charity or through Charity Navigator, not through this website. The email to your recipient is forwarded directly from you. Only the email sent to you is retained in case it is needed for follow-up purposes.  Absolutely no information on it is sold, rented or given to anyone.



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